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Joint Venture Opportunities And Security

 Welcome to Zoom Property Solutions (ZPS) 

We at ZPS are more than happy to discuss joint ventures with an investor, you may want to invest in South Wales due to the huge yields that can be gained. Maybe you want to build up a portfolio of houses and feel a lot better with a long-lasting relationship that a joint venture can bring.

Here at ZPS we take security very seriously and use a very experienced property law specialist who is very recognised within the property community. You can be guaranteed that there’s not much about property investment and contractual issues this person doesn’t know about. However, if you need to use your own solicitor that is not a problem whatsoever.

Just to reiterate with security it totally depends on what the investor wants to accomplish or what direction they want to take with Zoom Property Solutions.

Most Relevant Joint Venture (JV) Opportunities

A JV can take many paths with the most common shown below

Straight JV (Time vs. money)

This is where ZPS would use our time and sweat equity as our asset and a possible JV partner would use their cash in the deal to typically purchase a property together.

Final Comments

It is in the interest of ZPS to maximise profits by sourcing the right properties at the right price or sourcing a property where huge value can be added such as purchasing a property with the potential to build another property on the properties land.

Need More Info On JV’s?

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