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We recognise that property investing can give rise to many questions. Here are some of the most common that we’re asked.

Potential new investors are the most likely clients to ask a whole range of questions about involvement with the property market as an investment vehicle. We hope some or all of your questions will be answered here but please contact us if you have further questions you would like answered regarding investment in property.

What is the best property investment?

Dependant on the client’s needs, there are several very solid investment types.

  • Capital growth – buy at a below market value refurbish, hold for future growth and sell for profit.
  • Passive Income – control others property through leasing/renting.
  • Immediate profit – buy at a below market value, refurbish and sell for maximum profit.

The best option depends on client requirements and resources.

How Do I Find Investment Properties?

The most widely used method for the general public would be to go through an estate agent and ask for good deals. Alternatively, work with experts and come to a specialist property deal packaging company like ourselves. We know the markets and can source you a magnificent deal for a fixed fee.

Why Would You Invest in Property?

Property investing is an attractive strategy compared to other asset classes for many reasons. In particular, capital growth which historically shows property doubling in value every 10 years. Other reasons include leverage, gearing, low interest rates, tangible/physical asset & opportunity to add value.

How Is Property an Investment?

Property is a very attractive investment option based on historic data that confirms property doubles in price every 10 years. great returns are therefore possible, placing this form of investment ahead of most others.

What Is A Property Portfolio?

A property investor buys a below market value property deal from, for example, ourselves which is rundown and in need of a refurbishment. Once complete the investor refinances the property which pays back all capital employed, then continues the same process until he or she builds a portfolio (collection) of properties.

How Much Money Do You Need to Invest in A Property?

Depends on which part of the country you live in and the property markets. An investor can easily pay below £50k in South Wales and make very high returns on investment. This makes South Wales (where we are based) a very good property investment area.

How Do Beginners Invest in Property?

If a beginner wants to invest in property wisely, they should seek the services of a company like ourselves who can certainly increase tenfold the chances of their first investment becoming a success. We are specialists in finding the right property for individual investor circumstances.

What Are the Best Properties to Invest In?

This is an easy question to answer – properties that are bought for a high percentage below market value as this gives the investor the added security that they have equity before refurbishment. This then increases the value even more.

Can You Live in Your Own Investment Property?

Yes, you can, in theory, live in your own investment property if this is the route you want to take. For example, if you control a 5-bed house you could live in one room while renting the other 4 rooms i.e. passive income. However, a buy to let mortgage wouldn’t allow this as it is commonly known for portfolio building.

Why Is Property the Best Investment?

Because property offers many ways to make a financial income, this can be through passive income or holding onto a property for a specified period to enable capital growth.

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