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Property Subsidence As An Investment Opportunity We discuss how the presence of subsidence in a property can offer investment opportunities. Description Subsidence is arguably seen as the most serious and problematic issue that any property householder can suffer....

House suffering from subsidence

Japanese Knotweed Presence

History. This plant is very similar looking to UK bamboo but originates from Japan as the name suggests, although Its proper name is Fallopia Japonica (Please see picture above). It found its way into the UK in the mid-nineteenth century starting as an ornamental...

Japanese Knotweed example

The 3 Most Common Types Of Damp In Properties

Why Is Damp In A Property A Big Issue? The presence of damp in a property is a potentially major issue. While damp in it's simplest form can be a nuisance, at worst it can be an indicator of structural problems or weatherproofing failure. Here we discuss the 3 most...

Rising Damp Example In A Property

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