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With our experience in South Wales and connections to estate agents, vendors and auction houses we can identify ideal opportunities for you to invest.

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We know that investment budgets vary, along with appetites for different strategies. We work to your budget to ensure you invest at the right level for you.

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Our experience, proven methods and expertise are at your disposal to support, guide and advise at all stages of your property investment journey.

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If you are a tired landlord and you want some support and help with your current situation, we are more than happy to sit with you and explain a strategy that will help put a smile on your face.

Our Story

 Welcome to Zoom Property Solutions (ZPS) 


If you have come to our website, then you are probably interested in exploring property as an investment vehicle, expanding an existing property portfolio or possibly managing property. Alternatively, you could be a landlord that really does not want to be a landlord anymore, possibly due to bad tenants, voids in the rent etc. This is where we can certainly help as a company with either purchasing or controlling your property.

Property Investing Benefits

In relation to property investing it is an amazing investment vehicle that has historically achieved good returns for investors. However, to reach the potential that property investing can bring it’s vital to have good information, great opportunities and solid proven strategies. We at (ZPS) have many strategies that will achieve an investor very good returns on their cash and our deep understanding of the construction industry and property markets can ultimately lead to a successful outcome.

Property historically delivers many possibilities for delivering a passive income stream or alternatively building an asset base/portfolio of houses that will ultimately increase in value a lot further down the line, this then leads to a nice stream of income for a rainy day or retirement. Luckily for (ZPS) we are situated in South Wales where properties can be purchased at a very good value and yields can be very high as a result of our location.

Sourcing properties

We source properties with good yields for investors through our connections in the property community in South Wales and via our own circle of in-house connections, estate agents, property auctions and direct to vendor campaigns. We then package the deals (deal packaging) and send them to serious property investors who have been vetted to prove their seriousness of working with us. The word vetting may seem a bit heavy but there are time wasters out there who don’t end up taking things seriously, this can damage our reputation further down the line if a structured deal wanted by the investor is then passed on. Furthermore, we are required as part of being a fully compliant company to get certain information to stay within the law.

Renovation Experience

The company also manages any work required to renovate or upgrade properties, using only good quality tradesman chosen to undertake the work to a high standard. This is achieved through local knowledge from trade contacts in the property and building business. As part of a deal package, if required, we will project manage the full refurbishment for the investor for a small fee. Most packaged deals will often need a level of refurbishment to bring very important added value to the property.


For landlords who require their property’s to be managed by ourselves, we would aim to take every property put forward to manage, we are a fully accredited business that are compliant to undertake such management proposals. Although if the deal is not right for many unknown reasons that can be very minor, we could then approach other investors if required as part of our network to see if they would be interested in the deal.

Major / Minor Construction Works

Our company director Mark Penny has a deep knowledge of major and minor construction works, although started out in the housing industry as a site engineer. These days very good profits can be achieved via purchasing a plot of land, building new properties and selling for profit. However, if a bespoke situation arose on a deal e.g. a house had permitted development or potential planning consent to build another property in the rear garden, we can certainly advise, and project manage the whole process if this is what the client would require. Negotiation is the key with many bespoke deals and paying an agreed lower upfront amount of money to the landowner at the beginning of the purchase is not unheard of, then full payment on completion.

Building Relationships

Unlike some, we are keen to build relationships with investors and understand each investor’s personal requirements. Meeting the investor face to face and being able to go through each step is very important to us. The “idiom” more haste, less speed is a good analogy of the way we undertake our business.

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